We speak to the funniest 300 comedy performers at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe.

Here are THIS WEEK’s trending Interviews for the week beginning 7th August 2022.



This week’s top 6 Trending Interviews with Comedians

  1. Jo Caulfiled: “I take my training seriously. At the beginning of Lockdown I ordered some light hand weights. A couple of weeks later I ordered some heavier weights. The month after that I ordered a kettlebell. By the end of March my bedroom looked like the gymnasium in Strangeways prison. As yet, I haven’t seen any real improvements … and the Amazon delivery man has strained his back.
  2. Stewart Lee: “I don’t like the way TV editing sucks the air out of comedians’ timing. I don’t think the best stand-ups are well served by panel shows, which seem to have created a generation of bite-sized comedy brains and sent some of our best talents off down dead ends.”
  3. Paul Sinha: “I’m an Edinburgh purist. I don’t do it for money, I don’t do it for career progress. I do it because I believe that taking a one hour show to Edinburgh is an artistic privilege, and I enjoy seeing what I can do with the form. Heaven only knows how long I can keep coming back, but now that it is a fight between me and neurology, I am more determined than ever.”
  4. Sophie Duker: “Not sure if I identify as ‘strong’, as I have been trying to improve my upper body strength since 2019 with dubious success. It all stemmed from a new material night when I sat backstage with Fern Brady and Jess Fostekew while they were flexing their biceps. It was incredibly humbling.”
  5. Hal Cruttenden: “Well, I was struggling to find a strong theme to my show but then (thank god) my wife left me.”
  6. Lee Ridley: “I’m The Lost Voice Guy. I’m not going to suddenly open my mouth and hear Brian blessed’s voice booming out. Besides, I’ve built a career out of not being able to speak now. The found voice guy just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


This week’s top 6 Trending Interviews with Double Acts & Groups

  1. Starship Improvise: “Our show follows a group of actors talking to an audience of ‘fans’ about their hit 90s Sci-Fi show Celestia 7. The audience tell us about their favourite episode and the show is then improvised live on stage with the “actors” jumping in and out to answer questions about some of the more obscure parts of the writing.”
  2. Fascinating Aïda: “Ditties is a horribly pejorative word.  Cheap Flights actually took a couple of months to finish. We take huge care with the construction and shape of the song.  Ditty makes it sound like the song your neighbour’s uncle wrote about the day his ladder broke.”
  3. SHELF: “The Free Fringe is where we gained most of our performance experience in spaces of varying quality, including the basement of a nightclub and a venue that became a building site halfway through August. This year is definitely a step-up.”
  4. Your Aunt Fanny: “We are an all-womxn theatre company from the North East of England. Muff Said is our latest offering, a comedy sketch show that vividly captures a night out on the town with your wildest, oldest, filthiest friend.”
  5. Flo & Joan: “Hello. Sweet Release is a brand new hour of songs and standup covering all the big topics of the day including over-thinking, alien boyfriends, and the weird shit your mum has in the house that she won’t throw away. A little bit of something for everyone. We’ve cast the net wide.”
  6. Norris & Parker: “Our friendship was a slow burner, first impressions led to Sinead thinking Katie was a sociopath and had over indulged on the St Tropez and sex. Katie thought Sinead was boring, highly-strung and definitely frigid.”




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