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On the Mic Picks: Milo Edwards

Day 3 of 100 shows in a 100 days.

On the Mic is counting down to the 02 August – the launch of the 2024 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 100 shows in a 100 days.


The show…

Milo Edwards: How Revolting! Sorry to Offend

The blurb…

“Milo is answering the salient questions of modern British life, such as: Who are the posh and what are they up to? Why can’t Danny Dyer and Boris Johnson fulfil their true destinies? And, under what circumstances can a man reasonably be expected to learn Dutch?”

What we say…

Milo is a former member of the Cambridge Footlights, not that unusual for a talented Fringe performer. In 2015 he moved to Moscow, which is rather less common.  Our spies saw his 2019 Edinburgh Fringe show Pindos, about his time as a stand up comedian in Russia, and they report that he was brilliant. The 2022 follow up, Voicemail, and his third Edinburgh show, Sentimental, both won awards and went on to tour internationally. Milo is really good.


Milo’s Profile and Social Media HERE

Interview with Milo about Voicemail  HERE

Where and when and how much is it? – visit the Edinburgh Fringe Website HERE


Image by Joshua Peroti.

Milo will be featured on the podcast On the Mic: Origin Stories. Coming soon.

On the Mic Picks – 100 shows in a 100 days. We’re counting down to the 02 August 2024 and the start of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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