If You Haven’t Laughed at Least You’ve Learnt Something – by Becky Fury - On The Mic

If You Haven’t Laughed at Least You’ve Learnt Something – by Becky Fury

Dear On the Mic Diary,

It’s Tuesday ! (Or was) and the show is back to being great again, a little raw in places but great… great audience response, lovely feedback and respectable numbers in!

I’m just recovering from a horrible bout of fringe flu and felt awful last week, so I hired a flyerer as I was feeling way too rough to do it myself.

 I started flyering myself again today, as I’m so glad I did, as it was so nice to hear some of the responses to my flyers and flyer pitch.

It’s very satisfying to know you’ve created a show people are very interested to see.

But best of all, a few of people even told me that they’d heard about my show and planned to come along. That news made me feel better than I’ve felt in over a week. Bit late now but people are starting to talk about the show (and not just in relation to making smutty silly jokes with the title although, that’s valid too.)

After the show, people were again very complimentary and hung around to pay and get their replica pudenda pin badges from the early medieval period, even though it took me about ten minutes to get the card reader. They had the perfect excuse to run away, but they stayed to pay and get merch!

Sometimes at the end of the show, apart from money and adulation, people also want to give me information about the history of the c-word that they think I might not know.

Today was the turn of an Indian guy who loved the show but wanted to tell me some of my research surrounding the first use of the word cunt in the world – (it’s the name of a Vedic goddess btw) was incorrect.

It wasn’t. My reference is to Vedic mythology he was talking about the later Hindu stuff and that’s why, “if you haven’t laughed at least you’ve learnt something” is one of the catchphrases of the show.

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