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JoJo Sutherland: Growing Old Disgracefully ★★★★

This Review is from August 2022

Jojo Sutherland says that at the age 56, she has finally “gone feral”. Long term fans and friends of Sutherland assumed that this had happened years ago, but I digress. Her kids are now grown up, and she’s single for the first time in decades. What next? Growing Old Disgracefully, obviously.

Unlike too many observational, story telling comedians, Sutherland has some genuinely great tales to tell. Things just happen to her. Like a Scottish female Arthur Dent. How on earth did she get into this mess?

The jokes come thick and fast and never let up. Sutherland is an experienced performer. The way she toys with the audience is, at times, like watching a maestro conduct an orchestra.

Perhaps we could have used a little more backstory. It’s absolutely fair that the comedian wants to avoid going over ground, covered in previous shows. A couple of wee moments of, previously… in the life of Jojo, at the top of the hour would help newbies understand later bits better.

There’s a great routine built around the comedian losing her car keys at Glastonbury. It’s a joke packed story that goes completely off the rails, but I sincerely believe every word of it.

Contemporary Scottish comedy is in fine fettle.

Martin Walker

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