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Alex MacKeith: Thanks for Listening ★★★★

This Review is from August 2022

MacKeith is a talented musical comedian, who delivers observational songs with a twist. His young, capacity, Underbelly audience lapped it up.

His opening number is one of his strongest. MacKeith had to endure the Covid lockdown living with his father, “the lock-daddy”. It sets the warped lyrical tone of the rest of his set, which frequently strays from the truth to chase the dark joke.

Several times, the comedian reminds us that the lyrics aren’t true. Perhaps he fears arrest.

MacKeith does assure us that his clinical anxiety is not a lie. His song for the socially anxious on public transport was my favourite. I’m Keeping My Seat is easily the number that feels most real.

Ostensibly a song about the breakdown of trust between financial institutions and the people, Give Me a Horse, was MacKeith at his most surreal.

Strangely, this young audience enjoys the show the most when they are being insulted. “Why do only beautiful people play tennis? Why do only ugly people… come to my shows?”

MacKeith was the winner of the 2020 Musical Comedy Awards and on this offering, you can hear why.

Martin Walker

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