EdFringe REVIEW: Darius Davies: Don’t Be Shit - On The Mic

EdFringe REVIEW: Darius Davies: Don’t Be Shit

Darius Davies: Don’t Be Shit

Laughing Horse @ 32 Below

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Let’s get straight to the point. Darius Davies is a brilliant comedian. In Don’t Be Shit, he presents his greatest hits from the last ten years.

It’s the best stand up comedy show I’ve seen this Fringe. God only knows why Davies isn’t signed to a major label, touring  international venues. He has the complete skill set. He’s the finished article.

Being a best of show, I was familiar with much of this set, not least the British 3-pin Plug routine – one of the most memorable and funniest I’ve seen performed by anyone, anywhere.

Davies is great playing with the audience too. When Chris – a 75-year-old man in the front row, succumbed to the heat and fell asleep, right under the comedian’s nose, Davies quite rightly berated the poor fellow in a way Jerry Sadowitz would have been proud of.

Why is Davies so good? The performance is charismatic, direct, and feels real. The writing is tight, original, and honest. Even when he tells you that the set is nothing but lies you believe him. And every Darius Davies show feels like a unique event.

Darius Davies is the most underrated comedian in the UK today. A major star, who you just haven’t heard of yet.

Martin Walker

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