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Emmanuel Sonubi: Emancipated ★★★★

This Review is from August 2022

Emmanuel Sonubi was born and raised in North London, with five older sisters. A big fan of musical theatre, he became a stage actor, but worked as a nightclub bouncer between acting roles. Emancipated is a show about treading the boards, working the doors and finally, becoming a comedian. It’s also his story of being a father with a young family.

Sonubi is buff and very tall. One shouldn’t judge a comedian by their handsome looks, but if the awards panel did, Sonubi would win hands down. “I don’t look like a comedian,” he affirms. But fortunately, he does sound like one.

The comedy is observational and joke rate is phenomenal. Sonubi is TV ready – I’m sure he’s going to be a big star. Stories of his time as a bouncer provide the biggest laughs. It’s a crazy world on the doors, but I believe every word.

The comedian does touch on wider social issues, at times subverting what one may assume his views might be, but this is not a political set. At the top of the show, Sonubi promises his capacity audience a good time. And he delivers.

Martin Walker

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