Greenside Venues – Interviews

We've interviewed 9 acts performing at the Greenside venues - From the magic of The Great Baldini to Potty Training with Joey Rinaldi

Greenside is running three buildings across the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. According to the Greenside programme notes, it’s hosting theatre from fourteen countries from around the world, while fifteen percent is home-grown talent  from Scotland.

Venue 16 – Greenside @ Riddles Court
Venue 209 – Greenside @ Nicolson Square
Venue 236 Greenside @ Infirmary Street


  1. *Not Even* Remotely Funny
  2. Bulletproof Unicorm
  3. The Funny Thing About Death
  4. The Great Baldini
  5. Joey Rinaldi
  6. Linus Karp
  7. Martin Bearne
  8. Paul Vickers
  9. Up Her Sleeve

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