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Performer:     David Watson
Show:          Kill The Frippery                   
Venue          theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
Time:          3.15pm                                   
Dates:         15th-27th August                 
Photographer:  Rachael Watson
Links:         Profile and Social Media


Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show

Kill the Frippery takes a sharp comedic swipe at a life lived miles  from the frontline, where the width of a man’s trousers somehow seems more important than the Government, and personal grooming the top priority in the cancer ward. The “Frippery”  to be disposed of includes Twitter, moisturiser and alarmingly,  most Italian  street foods


What do you think of Edinburgh?

I’ve come back to the Fringe because the experience last time (2019) was perfect- So much stuff to take in when not performing, and a really friendly vibe.  I guess my slightly dark comedy style (such as it is ) fits much better into the context of   a 50 minute show then it would in a 10 minute Comedy club slot. But lets see…


Who inspires you?

Stuart Lee, Frankie Boyle, Bill Hicks


Are there other shows you want to check out during the Fringe?

Frankie Boyle


You are a full-time Criminal Barrister. Why are you doing a stand up show?

I have always done a bit of comedy, and in terms of working and re-working lines, a show like this and a Jury speech are not as different as all that. If the stand-up show isn’t funnier then I’m not doing it right.


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