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Show:                 Sam See: Government Approved Sex             
Venue:                Laughing Horse @ Counting House, The Attic
Time:                 7:30pm
Dates:                4th to 28th August                   
Photograph:           Nicholas Yeo
Stylist and Ropework: Nicholas Wong
Links:                Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

I was asked to run a series of panels about love and sex in 2020, and over the course of it I learned so much about the world of romance and frick frack, more than I expected to, and I wanted to bring the joy of learning to fellow perverts with just enough dick jokes for your money’s worth, but not too much where it begins to feel like a bad improv show.


Tell me about your previous Edinburgh experiences

This will be my second time doing the Fringe, and honestly I was stupidly fortunate the last time I was here. Sure, I got heckled abusively because of my race and my orientation the last time I was here but hey, think of all the friends I made because of it!


Who inspires you?

Performers from any discipline who know the odds aren’t stacked in their favour that keep pushing for better, for the work and for the scene that their in, and especially the ones lucky enough to crack it into mainstream. Also, YouTubers that make hour long video essays. Like how does one have the time and devotion?


Why have you chosen to perform as part of Alex Petty’s Free Festival?

I’ve worked with Alex way back in 2014 when he came to Singapore (My home country) to help run a festival here. He helped get me spots before local bookers would give me a chance, so I’ll work with a good egg when I get a chance everytime.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

What’s your meal of choice here?

Edinburgh has a lot of good eat options at all price ranges, but for me, the Tatti Dog at The Piemaker is sin that must begin.


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