Jordan Gray - On The Mic

Show:                   Jordan Gray: Is it a Bird?
Venue                   Assembly George Square
Time:                   22.25pm 
Dates:                  3rd to 28th August (not 17th)
Photographer:           Dylan Woodley


Hi Jordan, tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Is it a Bird?

It’s a little bit about me, a little bit about dogs and a little bit about superheroes. For all the hassle I get being transgender, it basically rubs me up the wrong way that the entire world seems to have absolutely no problem with Bruce Wayne self-identifying as a bat.


You’ve achieved massive success as a singer, a comedian, and an entertainer. Which comes first? Are you a singer who tells jokes or a comedian who sings? Or something else?

I used to be a singer that wanted desperately to be a comedian (I think a lot of singers feel that way). Now I’m a comedian that people vaguely remember for being on The Voice.


Tell me about your time on The Voice.

It was great. Scary at first, but a lot of fun. It becomes your whole life while you’re on it. I got to see what reality TV looks like from the other side and it’s just as weird as you would expect.


What is your relationship with the LGBTQIA+ community?

I was the first transgender person on The Voice. What that essentially makes me is an LGBTQIXY Z-list celebrity.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

What happened to Wagon Wheels?

I dunno, really. Why do you ask?


Tickets:                      Jordan Gray: Is it a Bird?

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