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What if Caroline Aherne, Peggy Mitchell and Frida Kahlo teamed up and reared the orphans of Milton Keynes? The children have grown up and arrived! Welcome to Katie O’Brien’s first mixed character show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“I am doing my first multi character comedy show after many clown workshops and theatre training since 2012. Billie Was Tap Dancing for the Seagulls is a collection of spirits I possess for a brief time that love to engage with a wonderful and willing audience to explore the freedom to have fun.

“My world of loveable eccentrics, include: SuZanna GonZo a Texan cruise ship entertainer who after a life-changing incident discovered she had a unique talent for healing people’s physical and emotional ailments through song. Dishevelled washed up Trishelle brings life wisdoms, a philosophical drunk who claims not to know much but discusses challenging topics frankly. Shanice Quinn the 1997 Gold Medallist Batty shaking champion returns in search of a dream team for the next Olympics. And a clown with a song and a sensitive soul baring all.”

Why did you choose to perform as part of Freestival?

“Because Freestival is run by professional performers with a strong drive to offer an alternative to the current Free Fringes and give paying venues a run for their mountains of moola. I am excited to be a part of Freestival and love that they have created a performer lead collective for performers.”

For you, is Stand-Up Comedy a career choice or a calling?

“I’ve always been told I was funny – until I went to Philippe Gaulier’s School, he told me I have never been funny in my whole life, cheers Phil – but I didn’t know what to do with ‘it’ or how to explore being funny for an audience until I decided to make performance art. My Fine Art portfolio from back in the day is full of strange characters and videos.”

Have you ever gone too far? What happened?

“Sometimes I think I am trying something that might be too much but I’ve found as a rule people love seeing someone being outrageous. Luckily for me that is my forte.”

If you were curating a stand up show for television, who would be your guests?

“Germaine Greer, I was lucky enough to spend an evening with Germaine, she is actually hilarious!

“Sinead King, a woman I collaborated with for The Muffia, she is dangerously smart & funny.

“Caroline Ahearne, Kenny Everett, Jessica Hynes & Julia Davis – as Lizzie & Sarah, David McSavage, Kate Bush, Annie Lenox, Peaches, Melissa McCarthy, Marina Abramovic, Rich Fulcher and of course Chris Lilley doing Chinese Feearter.

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