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Title of Show:       Lou Conran: A Show
Venue:               Gilded Balloon Teviot
Time:                3.40pm
Dates:               3rd– 29th August 
Photographer:        Aemen Sukkar
Links:               Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

So, we’ve all been through a right old ‘meh’ in the last few years and they say write about what you know. Well, I didn’t want to do a show about the only thing that was happening (covid) so I went into the depths of my brain (not very deep actually) and have curated a show of stuff and nonsense which I’m really pleased with.


Your previous show, I Love Lou C was hugely poignant and very personal to you – as well as very successful. A Show promises a much lighter tone. Why the change?

I’ve done the heartfelt show, which was incredibly cathartic but I think after the last few years that we’ve all had, we all need some joy and cheer and I for one don’t want any more misery! So, here’s to a marvelous fun run. (not a ‘fun run’ that’s even worse than the last few years, there’s nothing fun about a run)


I’ve heard that you’ve been having trouble with a neighbour’s cat. Are cats’ evil?

Don’t get me started!! I…can….not….even…….


Tell me about ‘Spit or Swallow’.

So, if you like a drinkie poo then this is the podcast for you. We talk to our guest who brings a drink of their choice to the chat. Me and sally get the same drink and we all have a natter about drunk exploits culminating in a spit or a swallow decision at the end of the chat about the drink. Whether we like it or not. It’s not always booze. We’ve had Sarah Millican with Vimto, Nick Helm with a Jammy Red Roo, Jason Manford with Coke Zero, Jimmy Carr with a union jack (you have to listen for the recipe) Joe Lycett with a well posh red. It’s great fun. Listen here https://play.acast.com/s/spit-or-swallow-podcast


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Lou! Where can people buy tickets for your show?

Well, Lou, you can get tickets from the link below. It’s truly a triumph of a show, no really, it really is.

Tickets:       Lou Conran: A Show

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