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Prequel is a frolicsome and poignant stand-up show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, from hotly tipped lovely lad Tom Toal. A show full of quirky gags, memorable stories and a miracle that not even the T-Dawg could have foreseen. Tom Explains…

“The show is a personal look into a life-changing situation which happened to me recently. It is a very honest, funny, microscopic look into the life of TT, come and have a look… no? Oh okay have a good day anyway… I’m practising flyering…”

This is your first full length Fringe show. But you’ve performed in Edinburgh before.

“I have, this will actually be my fifth Edinburgh Fringe, and by far the most exciting!”

For you is stand-up comedy a vocation or a calling and why?

“I have never got any pleasure from a job like the one I get from standing on stage making people laugh. For me it’s a calling because I could never imagine doing something else.”

Why did you choose to be a stand-up and how did you get started?

“I always loved comedy, always wanted to do it but could never muster up the courage, until one day when I applied to do a competition I had seen on the website Chortle. My first gig was with amazing comics like Ian Smith, John Kearns, Tom Rosenthal, Eric Lampaert, and the rest is history.”

If you were curating a stand up show for television, who would be your guests?

“Ian Smith, Joe Wells, Rhys James and Daniel Kitson.”


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