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Comedian:            Ivor Dembina
Title of Show:       Old Jewish Jokes
Venue:               Laughing Horse @ Bar 50 – The Alcove
Time:                6pm
Dates:               4th – 28th August (not Tuesdays)
Title of Show:       This is Not a Subject for Comedy
Venue:               Laughing Horse @ The Counting House – The Lounge
Time:                1.15pm
Dates:               4th – 28th August (not Tuesdays)
Photographer:        Steph Bor
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What is the role of the modern Jewish comedian?

The first job is to avoid embarrassing other Jews.  That’s Israel’s job.


Why bring a comedy show about the Occupation to Edinburgh?

Scottish people relate to it.


Can Gaza ever be free?

At that price, yes.


Tell us about Old Jewish Jokes.  Last year it was standing room only.

The venue couldn’t afford seats.


How are tickets going?

Two sold.  Three more than last year.


Tell us an old Jewish joke.

What do you say to a Jewish person at the bus stop?

When’s the bus due?


What is the biggest myth about Jews?

We are all rich.  Some of us a very rich.




Old Jewish Jokes

This is Not a Subject for Comedy

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