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Self Helpless! is a show filled with insights to help you get through life providing you have good looks, no opinions and can tap dance! We talked with its star, Sandra Hale.

We can’t all be selfless, confident, honest and principled, so if like me you’re shallow, insecure and needy then this show is for you! I will help you make these negative traits work for you because as a people pleaser, I am eager to share my pearls of wisdom and experience with you and to give out advice…not out of any generosity of spirit but more because I want the publicity, popularity and gifts!

What does Edinburgh mean to you?

An escape from my real life which is intense and harder. Attention from strangers. To give my skin a rest from the sun. To behave badly and no one will tell

Who inspires you and why?

My ex-husband who has shown me that the love of many is better than the love of just one

Describe your best or worst experiences on stage

There was a gig where I was the only woman in the whole place, including bar staff and audience…. wahoo!!

Describe your best or worst review

Apparently, my “cut glass crystal voice and way with accents, evoke memories of classic radio comedies” ooh er!

If you weren’t a performer what would you be?

At least 30 years younger and a man

What was the last book you read?

My own. Self Helpless! You can buy it on Amazon. Feel free to rate it 5 * I’m collecting them, I have 8 so far and 6 of them are from total strangers!!

Ask and then answer a question of your own choosing…

Did you enjoy my show… Self Helpless!?

Yes it was fantastic. Thank you so much. One of the best I’ve seen at The Fringe

Imagine the BBC have asked you to produce a prime time show. What would it be and who else would be involved?

It would be a sitcom based on my life as a new divorcee at age 65 starring me, Pauline Collins, Joanna Lumley and Liam Neeson

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