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Sarah Callaghan returns to the Edinburgh Fringe, with the show, ‘The Pigeon Dying Under The Bush’.

My show ‘The Pigeon Dying Under The Bush’ is about a lucky escape I had last year that made me re-evaluate my life. I’m only doing a short run this year like Ricky Gervais without the pre-sales.

When was your first Edinburgh and how many have you done since?

My first Edinburgh was in 2010 and I’ve been each year since so this will be my 8th time at the festival – as I’m doing 9 dates this year I’m looking forward to leaving just before I lose my mind and get bang on the smack.

How have your performances changed over that time?

I think the shows get better every year – I love doing an hour and being able to have proper time to tell a story. And making them universal so I can tour them around the place – I’ve done a few places in Europe and the Sydney and Perth comedy festivals for the past 2 years and getting good reactions from my shows outside the UK too is such a good feeling.

Just how many pairs of trainers have you got now?

I’ve lost count! I am getting like Imelda Marcos. I’ve got loads in boxes still and some I wear for rainy days, fresh summer ones that only come out when its a nice day. Its an addiction. I just wana get sponsored by Nike innit.

Who is your favourite comedian to hang out with?

Hanging out with comedians? Are you mentally ill?

Who would be the guests on BBC1’s, ‘Sarah Callaghan’s Comedy Roadshow’?

All the people that genuinely make me laugh – Julian Deane, Roisin Conaty, David Mills, The Birthday Girls, Nathan Cassidy and Sam Simmons. All very talented people and we’ll all be on the BBC together I’m sure when Hell, Oxford and Cambridge freeze over.

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