Louisa Keight & Niamh Curran - On The Mic

Show:       Banana Split: A Stand Up Comedy Show
Performers: Louisa Keight & Niamh Curran
Venue:      Laughing Horse @ Three Sisters    
Time:       3.45pm  
Dates:      4th - 14th August
Photo:      Rebecca Nead-Menar & Adrian Tauss
Twitter:    Louisa   Niamh


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Louisa: It’s called Banana Split because it’s a split bill stand up hour and also a rich source of potassium. We’re two former lovers (we kissed one time) who met when one of us (Niamh) locked the other (me) in a kitchen. Now we’re here to tell jokes and kick ass. And we’ve just finished telling jokes.

Niamh: I have watermelon crushing thighs.


Tell me about your previous Edinburgh experiences, or if it’s your first time, tell me about your expectations.

Louisa: Ultimately, I’m trying to go into it with very few expectations other than to have fun and be myself. My past three Edinburgh festivals, I’ve either gained or lost one boyfriend, so excited to see who’ll be the lucky man this month.

Niamh: I really want to just have a good time and some good laughs. In a previous fringe I did my show to one American guy (shout out to Brian, you’re the realist), which was really fun but more of a conversation. I’d like more than one person for each show, we don’t want to outnumber the audience. We’re intimidating as it is.


Who inspires you?

Louisa: The woman in the red dress who eats the chocolate pudding on the opening credits of Come Dine With Me. Who was she?

Niamh: I haven’t found some one who inspires me yet. I am accepting applications through my Instagram.


Why have you chosen to perform as part of Alex Petty’s Free Festival?

Louisa: Not to be a total poser but there’s something about the Free Festival that feels very Edinburgh. The Three Sisters especially hosts comedy nights in peacetime so it makes me feel a bit more part of the city. Plus it’s cheap, less exploitative, the performers get a better deal yadda yadda. Want to make sure I can heat my home this winter.

Niamh: Free Festival is the core of the fringe. It has become so expensive to take part in the Fringe, I actually have a landlord sucking my blood as I write this. If we want the keep the fringe going the Free Festival things like them are essential.


Write down the question you wish I’d asked and then please answer it for me.


Q: Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and the curl pattern is to die for. How do you keep it so nice?

A: Louisa: Thank you so much for saying. It’s a combination of genetics and washing once a week with paraben free shampoo and conditioner. My trick to keep the curls fresh is to wet a tangle teaser and brush it through every morning before applying Lush’s “Revive” hair moisturiser which I’ve been using now every other day for seven years. The trick to caring for curly hair is to remember that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all – for a while I did just conditioner but my hair isn’t dry enough for that, so it became really greasy really quickly. I do recommend using a T-shirt or microfibre towel and drying it by letting it sit on your head, but that can be a little high maintenance for we women on the go. Ultimately it’s a case of finding a haircare routine that is both effective but sits easily into your schedule, to make sure you actually do it!


Q: Do you support a united Ireland?

A: Yes.

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