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Title of Show:         Lane Kwederis: Sex Job
Venue:                 Underbelly - Clover 
Time:                  2:25pm
Dates:                 2nd - 28th August 
Photograph:            David Wilkinson
Links:                 Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Sex Job is a comedy show about my day job as a financial dominatrix. In other words: People’s kink is paying me!  If you’re wondering “Is that real!? How would that even work?!” You’ll not only learn all about it at my show but I even teach an audience member how to do Findom (financial domination) and let’s just say real money might get involved and the end of the show has been described as like a magic trick… but real!


How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

Totally exciting and overwhelming! I feel like I’m stepping into a new world. I know the learning curve is going to be massive and I truly cannot wait!


Why did you decide to perform at the Fringe?

When developing this show I simply knew I had to take it to the Fringe. It was just a feeling in my gut that I knew I had to listen to.

I want to share this show with as many people as possible yet still have that intimate theater experience that the Fringe can provide. The Fringe offers the best of both worlds!


If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

I would say I would be a financial dominatrix (which I also already am) though that requires a good amount of performing! Being a dominatrix is essentially just doing improv with horny men which is what doing improv is.

I also love emotional healing and therapeutic work so becoming a psychotherapist is up there for me as well.


How do you prepare for a performance?

I’m actually a certified Alexander Technique teacher (which is a somatic mind/body practice) and the main thing we do to warm up is actually lie down! It’s like a meditation but with your eyes open and involves connecting with yourself and the environment. I find this really quiets me down so I can be super connected and present with myself and the audience for the show.


Best/worst advice you have been given ahead of your debut show?

Worst advice:

Don’t show an actual porn! I actually do this and show a ridiculous porn I’ve made called “Smell Test” with my live commentary. Turns out it’s most people’s absolute favorite part of the show. People die laughing throughout the whole thing. It’s so silly, vulnerable, and fun!

Best advice:

Rather than tell people about financial domination why not get real money involved and actually do it?! That’s exactly what I do in the show. It’s WILD!

What are you looking forward to most about being in Edinburgh?

I can’t wait to stumble into a show and think “This is bizarre… I love it!” I’m hyped for the abundance, range, weirdness, and gamble of it all!

Who or what are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by my fellow sex workers. They are so smart, business savvy, and are constantly reinventing themselves while pivoting whenever society throws them curve balls. I watch them help so many people let go of shame and learn to explore their sexuality in a safe, supportive, and contained way. Truly, God’s work. Yup, I just brought God into sex work.

Tell us something your agent doesn’t want us to know.

I call men losers for money???

(Consensually of course.) But I’ve even told some of my agents about it! It’s hard to hide when you wrote a whole show about it.


What is the best advice you have been given so far and by who?

Always value the process over the goal. Goals are important but we can often lose ourselves and our values when we let our goals consume us. The journey is what it’s all about!


Outside of performing what are your passions?

I have a deep passion for exploring and talking about kink, Somatic body/mind practices like the Alexander Technique and Somatic Experiencing, walking in nature, and mothering my sweet little cat babies.


What do you want to get our of performing at the Fringe?

A massive world tour???? But really, I want to reach as many people as possible with this show and teach them about this wonderful, silly, kinky, and beautifully supportive world of sex work.

What other shows are y0u excited to see and why?

Patti Harrison’s My Huge Tits Huge Because They Are Infected NOT FAKE! She is so unhinged, hilarious, and weird! I’ve been a big fan of her work and this is the first time I’ll get to see her live.

Katy Berry’s Diamond Goddess Sparkle Pussy. It’s an incredible blend of story telling, improv, singing, and freestyle rapping. I got to see an early performance of this in NYC and cannot WAIT to see how it’s developed.

Sum up your show in five words.

Funny, Sexy, Kinky, Money, Dork.


Why should we see your show? 

If you like sex, money, and laughing then you’ll love it! Also, there’s a chance you might be the lucky audience member who might actually MAKE money.


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