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Show:                Sarah Keyworth: Lost Boy
Venue                Pleasance Courtyard – Cabaret Bar
Time:                5.40pm 
Dates:               3rd – 28th August 2022 (not 16th)
Photographer:        Matt Crockett
Links:               Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Lost Boy.

Lost Boy is a very personal show about my quest to rediscover “silly” after a rough couple of years. It’s a good laugh. I promise!


How has your comedy evolved since your 2018 debut hour, Dark Horse?

I’m a lot more confident as a writer and a performer, I think my material is more mature certainly not in content, but in style and I’m far more self-assured than I was in 2018. I no longer have that “is this funny??” look in my eye.


You’ve performed on countless TV and radio shows. Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Roast Battle, Stand Up Sketch Show and so on. Do you have a favourite appearance?

My experience on Apollo was a dream come true. The atmosphere was incredible. It was the first recording on the first night coming back after the pandemic and the audience were so excited to be there. Plus, I got to do it with Angela Barnes and Tim Renkow – I couldn’t have asked for better Apollo-mates.


Tell me about the BBC project, Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

Are You A Boy Or A Girl is a show on BBC Radio 4. It was inspired by my Debut Hour dark horse. It’s about my experience with my gender identity and it’s a bit of an exploration as to how we have arrived at the point we are at now with gender politics. It’s fun and comedic and accessible to anyone who just wants to understand a bit more about that.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Tell me about your new podcast Thank F*ck For That?

Yes! It’s a brand new podcast hosted by myself and wonderful comedian Micky Overman. Each episode we interview a guest about their “near-miss” experiences. Like close calls with death or accident, strange moments that could have ended differently. It’s a lot of fun and we’ve had some wild stories.


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