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Show:                         Chris Gethard: The Father And The Sun
Venue                         Gilded Balloon Teviot – Billiard Room
Time:                         6pm 
Dates:                        3rd – 28th August        
Links:                        Profile and Social Media


Tell us a bit about A Father and the Sun.

My son was born in April of 2019. Like many comedians, this naturally led to a lot of jokes about being a new parent. I expected that. What I didn’t expect was how many aspects of my own childhood I’d re-examine, and how much I’d sit and think about my own dad. A lot of things that never made sense to me make a lot of sense to me now. Assumptions I’d had about things that happened while growing up were radically redefined. The more I workshopped material about my kid, the more I found myself talking about my dad as well. And toughness and responsibility and masculinity and many other things that I never saw coming.


What inspired you to share this story?

Like all of the things I’ve done that I’m actually proud of, this isn’t one I sat down and decided to tell, it more so just vomited itself up from my guts and now it’s a show.


This is your first Edinburgh run since 2016- do you expect the festival to have changed much?

I don’t know what to expect. The 2016 run is a career highlight so I hope this one can meet that bar. I have no idea what the Covid realities have done to the festival. I always told myself I’d never do the festival just to do it, that I would only do it with a show that fit where the bar is set at Edinburgh in August, so mostly I’m grateful for a chance to get in there and throw down with so many great comedians and artists.


Where else might we know you from?

The Beautiful/Anonymous podcast, The Chris Gethard Show, and a lot of character acting. I played Ilana’s boss on Broad City and Trevor in the American version of The Office.


Who would you recommend comes to A Father and the Sun?

I think anyone who enjoys a joke and a laugh will find something to love in the show. If you’re a parent, especially a new parent, I think even more so. And if you ever wondered why your dad was stressed out this one might be eye opening.


Tickets:                         Chris Gethard: The Father And The Sun

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