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To a generation, Norman Lovett is the star of the hugely successful Science Fiction TV sitcom, Red Dwarf. To live stand-up fans he’s the undisputed king of whimsical surrealist comedy. Norman’s live DVD, Outside the Box is now available via Go Faster Stripe. Martin Walker briefly conversed with one of his comedy heroes.

How would you describe your style of comedy?

‘Someone called me an entertaining moaner recently, so let’s go with that.’

Do you still enjoy gigging?

‘Yes I do, but I’ve just finished a tour and I just have to make sure I don’t take on too much, so I’m not doing Edinburgh Fringe this year.’

Tell us about your lovely dog.

‘Elvis is a Pug, he’s ten years old and I love him.’

Do you still get asked about Red Dwarf? (other than just now). Do you relish talking about it or do you just want to put it past you?

‘I’ve just returned from doing the Wales Comic Con and I enjoy talking about it because it was a very memorable thing to be involved with.’

How did you get involved with DVD company Go Faster Stripe?

‘Chris Evans (not that one) got in touch with me and I was very happy to do it because they know what they are doing and are very nice people. I also got to meet Charlotte Church‘s mum.’

If you were hosting your own comedy show on TV, who would be your guests?

‘Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga and Lorde.’

Norman Lovett – Outside the Box DVD is available from Go Faster Stripe:


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