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Title of Show:       Becky Fury's C*nt
Venue:               PBH’s Free Fringe @ Globe Bar
Time:                8.30pm
Dates:               6th– 28th August
Photographer:        Joe Hunter
Links:               Profile and Social Media



Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

It’s about the fascinating history of this most marmite of words and of course an opportunity to call a few choice people c*nts. The history part is actually the most interesting however, it’s an investigation into why the word is still so potent and how it’s been deliberately weaponized in this way.


You performed the show live online at the Fringe last year. How has the show evolved since then?

How has it evolved? Just like the first fish that crawled out of the sea.. it floundered and died on the land. Forgotten, not even remembered as a brave and intrepid experimental failure. It was the second fish that everyone remembers and my show, like that that second fish it’s definitely found its feet. It’s not the same show at all its definitely evolved though my intention and my focused effort, unlike the fish which somehow accidentally ended up on land. By happy accident or because it got a writer in or something.


I occasionally use the word cunt, but it does annoy me when men say it, especially when used as an insult. Am I being a hypocrite?

That’s one of the questions the show provides some possible answers to.

The show discusses the c-word and also the f- word; feminism, and that f- word might be a possible answer as to why it annoys you when some men use the word.

However,  its universal popularity  is also a demonstration of  its amazing potency.  It’s just four letters, and I got a 50-minute show out of them. How interesting is that!


In Glasgow, the word cunt is used as a term of affection. Is it, ultimately, just a word?

It’s not just a word, it’s a very powerful and sacred and profane word with a long and fascinating 3000 year history.

I do make a joke in the show that in reclaiming the word cunt woman should share it with the Glaswegians for pretty much that reason; because the Scots have a far more affectionate relationship in general with the c-word than the English d.

It even turns up multiple times in the works of Scottish poet Laurette Robert Burns. I quote from his poem “Nae hair On’t” in the show. You can probably guess what it’s about. It’s a very silly affectionate poem. The c-word doesn’t turn up once in Shakespeare and I discuss why that is.

Oh, and also, I explain WHY the Scots (and Aussies) but mainly the Scots have a very different relationship to the word cunt than the English.


Ask and and answer a question of your own.

Well I’ve asked and answered a question of my own with this show. I’ve asked why the word cunt is so controversial and I answer with some very well researched comic ramblings on the subject and 200 equally well rehearsed and silly illustrations. Should be worth a watch and it’s a free show, so what do you have to lose in checking it out apart from your innocence… so maybe don’t come to the show at all. There are some things that once you’ve seen them, you can’t unsee… like my cunt!

Oops. That sounded a bit rude, didn’t it!

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