Human Fountains - On The Mic

Show:             Human Fountains                 
Venue             C Arts | C Venues | C Aquila           
Time:             7:20pm                       
Dates:            3rd – 28th August     
Links:            Instagram   Twitter   Website   TikTok   YouTube


Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Grab your umbrellas, and prepare for an incredibly wet and wild comedy ride. As seen on America’s Got Talent and around the world, Human Fountains’ hilarious choreographed water-spitting routines and physical comedy shenanigans will keep you laughing and thirsty for more. Always making a splash on stage, literally, the group has endless tricks up their sleeves (and in their mouths) giving you the most unique show you’ve ever seen! The show’s foundation is in physical comedy, clowning, and ridiculousness. While there’s plenty of water-spitting, don’t be fooled: this is an engrossing narrative-clowning journey unlike any other.


What do you think of Edinburgh?

We’re so excited to share our show at Edinburgh Fringe. There is so much talent there and a community of people that love the arts. We’re thrilled to be able to share our show with everyone there. This is our first year at the Fringe, so we’re going in with an open mind!


Who inspires you?

Our father, the Bellagio Fountains. We’re always just trying to live up to his legacy…


Are there other shows you want to check out during the Fringe? What are they?

As many as possible when we’re not performing!


What can Fringe audiences expect from Human Fountains?

Audiences can expect a wet and wild comedy ride when they come see Human Fountains. It’s an incredible unique show, and we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it. Most importantly though, we’re here for laughter. If you’re not laughing throughout the show and leaving with a big smile, then we’ve failed.


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