PBH’s Free Fringe Venues – Interviews

We've interviewed 12 acts performing across PBH's Free Fringe venues - From pop diva Yasmine Day to Becky Fury's C*nt

PBH’s Free Fringe runs twenty-two venues across the city during August. Their shows are completely free to get in, just turn up and take a seat on a first come, first served basis. You are likely to be asked for a donation at the end of the show. For a list of all PBH’s venues and shows, check out PBH’s Free Fringe.


  1. Ali Brice
  2. Andy Roberts
  3. Becky Fury
  4. Dirty Anxious Vampire
  5. Harun Musho’d
  6. Hatty Ashdown
  7. Joe Wells
  8. Leslie Ewing-Burgesse
  9. Paul Savage
  10. Phil Green
  11. Sam Nicoresti
  12. Yasmine Day


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