Dirty Anxious Vampire - On The Mic

Show:         Dirty Anxious Vampire
Performer:    Mihai Tartara
Venue:        Laughing Horse @ City Cafe 
Time:         2.25pm
Dates:        4th-28th Aug (not Wednesdays)
Photographer: Andrej G  
Links:        Instagram   Facebook



Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

This will be my debut solo show. It is a  coming-of-age story filled with dirty jokes, absurd humor, and a deep fear of squatting toilets. It is a  journey through my surreal childhood and the obstacles that I  encountered growing up such as social anxiety, sexual frustration, epilepsy, bird phobia, and many more.


What are your expectations of the Fringe?

This is my first time at the Fringe and I’m expecting to polish my solo show, watch some of my favorite comedians perform such as Stewart Lee and I also hope to make new friends during the festival.


Who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration when it comes to comedy is Richard Pryor, the vulnerability and openness that he had when discussing personal issues is what drew me into stand-up.


How hard was it to get back on stage after the pandemic lockdown?

It was not that hard for me actually because I spent a part of the lockdown in Denmark where there was this legal loophole where we could perform stand-up but we had to do it sitting down which seems a bit counterintuitive.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

What is the best way to eat a chocolate croissant?

I’m glad you asked me this, ever since I was a little boy I had developed a special technique for eating croissants. You start by eating one end until you reach the chocolate then you move to the other end, after that you eat the sides and in the end you are left with a big chunk of chocolate.

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