Laughing Horse Venues – Interviews

We've interviewed a total of 33 acts performing at Laughing Horse venues - From Jewish legend Ivor Dembina, to Fringe legend Anna Morris, to immortal horror queen legend Charmian Hughes

The Laughing Horse Free Festival run nineteen venues across the city during August. Their shows work on a Pay What You Want model. You can buy a ticket in advance to guarantee a seat, or pay what you think the performance is worth at the end of the show. For a list of all the Laughing Horse venues and more on how it works, check out Laughing Horse Free Festival.


  1. Andy Roach
  2. Anesti Danelis
  3. Angela Bra
  4. Ania Upstill
  5. Anna Morris
  6. Ashley Haden
  7. Ben Harrington
  8. Ben Miller
  9. Bex Turner
  10. Charmian Hughes
  11. Dave Chawner
  12. Dean Misdale
  13. Eliott Simpson
  14. Gabe Mollica
  15. Ivor Dembina
  16. Maureen Langan
  17. Nathan Cassidy
  18. Piotr Szczęsny Sikora
  19. Sam See
  20. Sameer Katz
  21. Sammy ShowTime
  22. Scott McPherson
  23. Sid Singh

Interviews with Double Acts & Groups

  1. All-American Snack Attack
  2. Banana Split
  3. Broad Strokes Improv
  4. ComedySportz UK
  5. Experiment Human
  6. Not Angry, Just Disappointed
  7. Not Too Shabby
  8. One Bite Only
  9. Parfait
  10. This Girl Can’t

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