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Show:                Anna Morris: Kid-Life Crisis                 
Venue:               Laughing Horse @ The Counting House               
Time:                2.45pm                    
Dates:               4th - 21st August (not 10th, 17th)
Photographer:        Karla Goweltt
Links:               Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Kid-Life Crisis. 

It’s the live version of my BBC Radio 4 stand-up special, which I  wrote and recorded during lockdown to a remote audience. I’ve been desperate to do it on stage since then and have an audience in the room and not just in my headphones. It’s about my kid-life crisis at turning 40 without having procreated, and the way people have enjoyed unhelpfully reminding me that a) my biological clock is ticking and b) I ‘might regret it’  and c) they don’t get it… (note how we never ask people WHY they actually have children).

Tell me about your previous Edinburgh experiences

This is my 6th solo run, but my first stand-up show. The other 5 were all character comedy shows, including the award-winning It’s Got to be Perfect which was an entire wedding on stage. I usually hide behind characters, so this is the first time I’m being ‘me’ on stage.  It’s scary!
Who inspires you?

All artists, to be honest – anyone willing to put themselves and their art out there for people to see. It’s an incredible act of bravery to make yourself vulnerable like that!

Why have you chosen to perform as part of Alex Petty’s Free Festival?

I love The Counting House and Alex has been very supportive of my work for years.
Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I have single-sided deafness – my left ear does not work at all!


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