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Show:         Elly Shaw and Elaine Fellows: This Girl Can’t
Venue:        Laughing Horse @ Dragonfly
Time:         2pm
Dates:        4th to 28th August (Not Mondays)
Photographer: James Ennis Photography
Instagram:    Elaine / Elly
Twitter:      Elaine / Elly 


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

This Girl Can’t is a split bill hour long comedy show with a bit of a difference. We both come at comedy from very different angles! Elly recently finished clown training with Gaulier in Paris and will be spending her half hour exploring multiple characters (including but not limited to an eastern European estate agent and Anna Kendrick). Elaine originally trained as an actor and will spend her half hour storytelling in the more traditional stand up way. Her material has been described as ‘original yet relatable’ and ‘proper northern’ so you’re really getting a good mixed bill here.


Tell me about your previous Edinburgh experiences

Elaine has been to Edinburgh before but as an actor doing a one woman show (yes she is a cliche and proud) so this will be her first time going to do comedy. Elly was due to go in 2020 but the pandemic had other plans. We’re just really excited to be back performing and also getting to watch a bunch of talented people do shows all in one place. Our expectations are to be exhausted by about day 3 and broke by about day 7. It’s going to be great.


Who inspires you?

Elly: Elaine inspires me.

Elaine: I’m a big Dua Lipa fan. I mean, Elly inspires me.


Why have you chosen to perform as part of Alex Petty’s Free Festival?

We were lucky enough to do Brighton Fringe with Laughing Horse and had a really great experience so we always knew we wanted to work with Free Festival again. Our venue is a cool little cocktail bar just off of the Grassmarket which is kinda perfect for us.


What made you decide to work together when your comedy is so different?

We met very early on in our comedy journey, in fact it was Elaine’s second ever gig when we first saw each other, so we have been a big part of each other’s comedy life. We became friends in actual real life! We thought it would be fun for an audience to come to something and have two completely different experiences. You get to see life through the eyes of two very different people. We hope it means that everyone is guaranteed to find something they like and connect with in the show. And if not, at least you can say the title of the show is accurate, these girls really can’t!

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