Clementine - On The Mic

Show:         Clementine  
Interview:    Rosalie Minnitt
Venue:        Just The Tonic at the Caves                        
Time:         12.40pm          
Dates:        4th – 14th August                 
Photographer: Ed Rees 
Links:        Instagram   Twitter


Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

From shipwrecks to guillotines, it seems that bad luck has plagued Clementine’s love life from day one so now she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. Packed with comedy songs and whimsical characters, this regency satire follows our beloved Lady Clementine as she sets off on a quest to solve the mystery of her misfortune. Guided by the stars, she soon finds out she’s been searching for love in all the wrong places. Set roughly “in the past”, Clementine is a feel-good comedy cabaret show celebrating self-love, and the highs and lows of single life. Bridget Jones meets Bridgerton.


What is the attraction of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe? What do you think of Edinburgh?

I brought a show to Edinburgh for the first time 2017 and since then best I’ve always wanted to bring my own show!


Who inspires you?

Elton John.


Are there other shows you want to check out during the Fringe? What are they?

There are so many brilliant shows I want to see. I can’t wait to see Naughty by Anna Marie and I’ve heard great things about Cats by Frankie Thompson.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Do you regret signing up for the Edinburgh Fringe?

With all my heart, yes.

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