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Mark returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new show filled with everything that he hopes will help him win all the awards. Death, bees, death, puppets, death, and bears in heaven. We fired over a Q&A to get more info.

Hi Mark, tell me about your show, Mark Forward Wins All the Awards

The show is odd and fun, but also has those serious moments that are only in the show to help a performer win all the awards.By the end of it, you will understand the meaning of life.

What does Edinburgh mean to you?

It’s the name of a city.

Who inspires you and why?

Truly, anyone is doing something different and taking a risk.

Describe your best or worst experiences on stage.

I performed for 8 people in a giant airplane hanger. With the echo, you could hear me bombing over and over again.

Describe your best or worst review.

I do enjoy that a lot of UK reviewers referred to me as a bear of a man, kindest way to say I’m fat.

If you weren’t a performer, what would you be?

A table.

What was the last book you read?

Escape from the USSR for a grade 6 book report. Last week.

How handsome are you?


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