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Title of Show:         Morgan Rees – Bi and Large
Venue:                 Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker One
Time:                  6.10pm
Dates:                 3rd – 28th August
Photograph:            Steve Ullathorne
Links:                 Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

My show, Bi and Large, is the story of me accepting my queerness but also the surprising blinkers imposed on you when you grow up in a feeling of otherness. I should stress this is a joyous show. Personally, I’d rather save my trauma for my therapist. The is a show of joy, growth and the strength in family.


Where in Wales where you born? Tell me a little about your upbringing.

I was brought up in Merthyr Tydfil, and spent my adolescence in Pentyrch, outskirts of Cardiff. I grew up in such a loving family that it wasn’t until I was an adult I realised there were challenges. Mental health issues, money issues, abandonment issues, but our I was shrouded in such love I didn’t see it. Plot twist, a comedian has a happy upbringing.

So happy in fact, I didn’t pursue comedy until I was in my 20s. Instead I went to uni to study mathematics, later on going to work for IBM and then a data science company supporting safeguarding professionals. Also, remember those filthy private contractors that did Track and Trace? Hey, that was me


What’s it like being bi in The Valleys?

I feel ill-qualified to speak about this as its been a long while since I lived there. But from personal experience with my family, it was incredibly tough. It was almost encouraged to remain closeted. Comments or faces of disgust when same sex kisses were shown on telly. The word ‘gay’ being synonymous with weak and wrong. There was even queer people in my family, but the word ‘gay’ or ‘queer’ would never be uttered. Essentially, I grew up feeling wrong, a lingering sense of being bad.

That was my experience but I have a lot fo faith that will have most certainly changed. I encourage any welsh LGBTQAI+ person to visit The Queer Emporium in Cardiff, its an exhilarating and desperately refreshing place to be and explore your true self. I would have adored this as a closeted queer child,


You’re an actor, writer and stand up comedian. You continue to work extensively on TV and radio as well as on the live stage. Reflecting on your career so far, what’s your dream job?

Before I would be very coy about what my dream would be, but Nabil Abdulrashid taught me to be arrogant with my dreams. A lesson that has proven the most valuable over the last 2 years. My dream job would be to tour under my own name to 1000 seater venues every 3 years, and to have my own sitcom.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Question: How much money do you earn?

Answer: None of your business, you nosey ****

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