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Show:                   Sameer Katz: Agnostic Economist             
Venue:                  The Counting House, The Loft                  
Time:                   4.45pm 
Dates:                  4th – 28th August 
Photographer:           Zoë DeLeon
Links:                  Profile and Social Media

Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

The show is about how economics, and most of the things we think, are actually based on what we believe. People tend to think that economics is this cold, hard science based on logic and data but really it comes down to interpretation based on fundamental beliefs. After spending years doing a PhD in Economic History at Cambridge, I didn’t know what to believe and dropped out. Don’t worry, this is not a Ted Talk. It’s a comedy show about how silly it is to think in absolute truths. Oh, and the show is about my vasectomy.

Tell me about your previous Edinburgh experiences.

The Fringe is my favourite month of the year. I know it’s not cool to say that. I know all the comedians harp about how difficult and stressful it is; about how busy they are and how everything is really expensive. I just think it’s so much fun. This is my sixth year and for the first four, my show was on at midnight or later and most of my audiences were either sleepy or drunk but they were still a blast. Since I was on so late I never had a chance to write a show that was about something, so this year is the first with a theme. Last year was huge for me because I finally got a daytime slot and it was the best month of my life. Okay, this is getting way too mushy for me so I need to stop before I hurl.

Who inspires you?

My dad. Not just because he is an immigrant that made it, but because he doesn’t believe in me and spite is a huge motivator for me.

Why have you chosen to perform as part of Alex Petty’s Free Festival?

The Free Fringe takes the stress out of the festival. There is no worry about losing money, about needing to fill seats and get reviewed and all the stuff that real life is about. With the Free Fringe all I have to do is put on a show and have fun doing it. It also lets anyone enjoy my show regardless of their financial situation. It’s a no brainer to me.

Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Why is your internet presence so lacking?

Because I hate the internet. But also because I can’t download any more apps on my iPhone 5. I do use them on my computer so follow me for the most up to date content my desktop can provide.

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