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Show:                Eme Essien: "Flat shoes in the Club?"
Venue                Underbelly - Bristo Square
Time:                3.45pm 
Dates:               2nd – 28th August (not 16th)
Photographer:        Sandra Vijandi
Links:               Eme’s Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, “Flat shoes in the Club?”

“Flat shoes in the club?” is a comedy theatre show watching this “Girl” get ready for this big night out. There is dance and music and a lot of high energy, as well as some really funny interactions with all these ‘people’ who keep on interrupting her and throwing her off balance. There is a sense of intimacy in that you are watching a young woman in her private space with all her thoughts uncensored. It’s told through the voice of a young Black woman so that balance of cultural and societal standards is underpinned throughout the show. It’s a bit silly, a bit deep and just generally upbeat.


You are an award-winning actor, writer, and voice over artist from London. You won Best Actress at the Film Noir France Awards. What’s your first love? Is it stage or TV acting? Stand up comedy performing or something else?

I love that opening description of me as a triple threat! That’s been a secret dream of mine, but I never quite had the singing part down. My first love was always the stage, as I fell in love with musicals from a very young age. I am such an introvert and so that escapism of a perfect fantasy and the protagonist always winning in the end, it really spoke to me in contrast to my upbringing. I love all types of acting though, and was always told throughout drama training that I was very TV. I’m not just saying that! I have never done stand up, but I am quite the storyteller! I really take you on that visual journey with overactive hand gestures, bad impressions, and all sorts.


Who inspires you?

Women who have paved their own path in the most unapologetically authentic way. I love hearing people’s journeys on the road to their definition of success because it really is only defined by you. These amazing women have been hustling in the game for a while and been consistent and produced a solid body of work. They have created a niche that is unique to them without compromising the stories they want to tell. I am talking about Kelechi Okafor, Michaela Cole, London Hughes, Gina Yashere, Clara Amfo (I am her number one fan girl btw!) I have so much love and respect for these women.


Tell me about your London residency sketch show, You’re Definitely Invited.

That was just one big party for the audience! But seriously everyone was invited to come. It was a sort of immersive sketch show sprinkled with some raps and stories from the past. I loved performing that, it gave me such a creative licence to experiment with sketches I had sat on for a while…. This is starting to sound like I just love partying, but ironically it takes A LOT to get me to come out out… or these days even just out!


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

I wish you had asked me what I am most looking forward to at the Fringe.

Well, funny you should ask that! Obviously performing my show and meeting the wonderful audiences and yourself of course. But I cannot wait to visit my favourite eatery, The Mosque Kitchen. Seriously go there, they have the BEST Veg curries (hold tight my Vegans) and it’s like under a tenner. Woop. I am also looking forward to checking out Ikea because I am on a mission to visit EVERY SINGLE IKEA ever. Judge all you like! Xxxx


Tickets:                     Eme Essien: “Flat shoes in the Club?”

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