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Show:             Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space! 
Venue:            theSpaceUK at Surgeon’s Hall 
Time:             10:45pm    
Dates:            5th-27th August (not 14th)        
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Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show:

Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space is a deadpan, meta-murder-mystery inspired by iconic comedies like Airplane!, The Naked Gun, and A Touch of Cloth. It follows Space DCI John Wood as he tries to solve the murder of intergalactic mobster Dead Pan! Thrust on a madcap adventure of illegal crime, amorous romance, and deadly death, walking cliché Wood and his new, over-eager partner, Security Officer Love Interest must interrogate a motley ensemble to crack the case: mob boss Mr Fax, his femme fatale daughter Jessica, wizened war criminal Brookes, no-nonsense Captain, and two escaped bandits who may have wandered into the wrong script.


What do you think of Edinburgh? 

Edinburgh is the biggest theatre festival in the world. It brings millions of people into the city, and has thousands of shows on in a singular month. It brings agents, and talent scouts, and potential writing contracts. All of what I just said would be a perfectly reasonable answer. The truth is, really, it’s just bloody fun. We get to do a show to a new crowd every night. We get to see what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what makes them cringe. We get to go out into the city and watch hundreds of brilliant shows made my brilliant people. We get to make friends with people who simply love making things.

Edinburgh is beautiful, and the Fringe is an excellent time to see it. I can’t wait to be back, doing what I love and surrounded by people who are doing the same.


Who inspires you?

Our show is a love letter to spoof comedy, so it’d be a sin of me not to mention great writers like Charlie Brooker (A Touch of Cloth), Jim Abrahams/David and Jerry Zuker (Airplane!) and Bill Dare (Dead Ringers).

Beyond them we’ve been privileged enough to grow up in a comedy revolution. Groups like Monty Python, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mitchell and Webb as well as comedians like Lee Evans, Sarah Millican, Sean Lock and Catherine Tate have all contributed to our tastes and intuitions as writers and performers.


Are there other shows you want to check out during the Fringe?

We’re super excited to see our friends perform in two incredible shows: Cicadas Children, and Loveless. We’ve been lucky enough to have some sneak peaks at their show and we’re honestly worried at how good they’ll be. It’s a good thing they’re not on at the same time…


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

What kills more people, Hippos or vending machines?

Hippos are largely harmless and rarely kill anyone! please send help I am being forced to write this at gun point by a murderous Hippo

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