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Show:          The Halls of Ridiculous : Improvised Sketch Show
Venue          Just the Tonic at The Caves - Just Up The Road
Time:          10:40pm
Dates:         4th - 14th August
Photographer:  Bob James
Links:         Instagram    Twitter    Facebook   TikTok


Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show

It’s an improvised sketch show, where the audience’s suggestions help shape the sketches, filled with daft characters and ridiculous scenes.


What is the attraction of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?

We want our show to be seen by as many people as possible! We also get to do the show every day, which isn’t always the case on normal comedy nights. Plus, we get the full hour to play with and have lots of fun with our audiences.


Who inspires you?

Character driven performers such as Steve Coogan, Vic & Bob, Rik Mayall, League of Gentlemen, The Fast Show.


Are there other shows you want to check out during the Fringe? What are they?

Yes, indeed, that’s all part of the fun of going. We are looking forward to seeing some of our comedy friends’ perform while we are here. We know they have been working hard to get a finished product. It’s always a fab opportunity to check out some of the more famous performers, too. We both really want to see Jon Culshaw’s show Les Dawson: Flying High. On the flip side of that, the Fringe is perfect for discovering new acts we’ve never seen before, so we will definitely be checking out the programme and circling the shows we fancy.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

How many characters are in the show?

Great question! We cover at least 12 different characters in the show, that’s not including some surprises, you’ll have to come and see it!


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