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Show:            Jake Lambert: Liminal
Venue:           Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand
Time:            7.05pm
Dates:           3rd – 28th August (not 15th)
Links:           Profile and Social Media 


Hi Jake! Please tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Liminal
Hello! It’s a story about me trying to contact a German girl who I met over 10 years
ago in a shop when I had my first epileptic seizure, however she never had social media
which made it quite difficult in 2020 when I wasn’t legally allowed to leave my house (for
covid obviously, I wasn’t wearing a tag). Of course a show about me googling someone for
an hour would be quite boring so it’s a more a story of how we met and our friendship. Also
more importantly and I can’t stress this enough there are jokes, lots and lots of jokes.


This is your third Edinburgh solo show. How has your comedy evolved since your debut?
It is. My first hour was basically me telling all of the material I had without any real theme.
This is a show with a theme that I’ve written jokes around. Something I didn’t think I’d ever
be able to do. It’s been a lot more fun to write and to perform. It also feels 100x more me
than my first show was.


It seems that some news outlets seem obsessed with identity, culture wars and wokeness. Is
there a culture war and if so, who is winning it?

I don’t know who is winning it, but I feel like I’m losing. As far as I can tell the far right and
the far left are just as bad as each other and would rather prove the other one wrong than
help them to learn and see things their way. I’m just sort of in the middle getting punched in
the head by both sides whilst trying to concentrate on living my own life to be honest.


You’ve recently supported both Michael McIntyre and Romesh Ranganathan, two of the
biggest names in comedy. Any stories or gossip. I wont tell anyone.
Thanks for doing the name dropping for me. I would like to continue supporting them so all
the gossip stays between me and them, and my friends, and family, and anyone willing to
buy me a drink.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.
Could you do an impression of a flamingo being arrested?

Easy! I could do it standing on one leg with my hands tied behind my back

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