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Title of Show:    Helen Bauer: Madam Good Tit
Venue:            Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker Two 
Time:             5:40pm
Dates:            3rd – 28th August (except 17th)
Photograph:       James Deacon
Links:            Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Madam Good Tit is my second full show. It is an hour about self-confidence, self-esteem and self-care. It’s the year of ‘self’ so I am taking it very literally. Taking care of yourself has never been more ‘in’. Inspirational quotes and facemasks are a big industry and, like all my basic friends, I am trying to ‘be the change I want to see’. However self-care like everything else is a money making business. These self-care influencers get you when you are down and you are truly stuck. I have lost so many hours watching Yoga With Adrienne and I am really not convinced ‘pitting yourself first’ is the best option for wellness.


Is it difficult to discuss personal experiences and feelings around issues like body image on stage and how hard is it to find the joke in these experiences?

It changes for me day to day. Most days I could not care less, I love discussing my fat and body image in general but some days your confidence is gone and it can be tricky. In Madam Good Tit I talk about it a lot. My addiction to diet TV shows is out of control, I love them so much and  cannot stop thinking about the Special K Diet. Society is now starting to embrace all different bodies and in this show I make ‘fat’ funny and not sad.


Tell me about your BBC Three show, Small Doses.

Small Doses is my baby. It’s a pilot that is currently on BBC iPlayer and the thing I am currently most proud of. It’s a really funny and silly sitcom set in my home town of Fleet, Hampshire. Following the main character Kate returning home to Fleet and desperately trying to fit back into her old friend group despite everyone having moved on and grown up. Please go watch it if you have not.


Tell me about your podcasts Trusty Hogs with Catherine Bohart and Daddy Look At Me with Rosie Jones.

Of course! I love a podcast and am so lucky I have done and continue to make podcasts with two of my best friends. Daddy Look at Me is currently on a break as my very successful co-host Rosie Jones tours the country filming her travel shows. Trusty Hogs however is still there for your weekly dose of chaos and madness. The brilliant Catherine Bohart, Andrew White and I have been working together for two years so far. Starting with doing online weekly shows and then moving into podcasting together was so natural. Trusty Hogs is such a fun podcast to record, not only is great to have weekly hang out altogether but we get to chat with some our mates in comedy and just have silly chats together and interact with our audience through some terrible advice. We are bringing a live show to the Edinburgh Fringe called Trusty Hogs Live with Nish Kumar on August 25th at Monkey Barrel.


Tell me about your tour of Madam Good Tit.

Ahhhhh I am going on my first ever tour this September to November and I am so excited. Madam Good Tit is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe and then going all over the country ending with a week at Soho Theatre. I cannot wait to take my own show around and see if I have a crowd in all the towns. Please come and say Hello!


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