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Show:                   Myra DuBois: A Problem Shared
Venue                   Underbelly Bristo Square
Time:                   7.45pm 
Dates:                  3rd to 28th August (not 16th)
Photographer:           Holly Revell
Links:                  Profile and Social Media


Hi Myra! Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, A Problem Shared 

It’s a live, inter-active self-help seminar where I shall be curing the ails and woes of my adoring AdMyras, plus a special surprise celebrity wellness seeker each day! The concept is simple. The audience is invited to share their problems with me, and I solve them. The entertainment is in the communal catharsis. In the past some problems have been silly, some have been quite serious; but we don’t let that deter us. I’m not scared of saying it how it is; reader. And so because of this, no two shows are ever the same. What I’m saying is book a ticket each day if you can!


On a scale of one to five – one being a wee and five being muckle* – How much audience participation is there in A Problem Shared?

Five, absolutely a muckle and then some. With A Problem Shared if there’s no audience there’s no show. It’s quite literally all about YOU. But with kindness. I must say that. People seem to think audience participation = bullying. I balk at the suggestion! No, none in my audience is bullied, they are bettered.

*muckle – a lot.


You’ve appeared on TV numerous times now, including as a guest on The John Bishop Show and as a regular panelist on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Do you enjoy fame? Is the celebrity life for you?

It’s the only normality I know. I was born right as Mother entered the hospital reception because she forgot to cross her legs so I slipped out before a waiting room of seated patients. Do you know what happened? They applauded. So I’ve known fame since birth. It doesn’t phase me because I don’t know anything else. I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to go through life with no one knowing or caring if you exist. I don’t know how you do it.


Tell me about performing on Britain’s Got Talent.

What about it? It’s old news now. It was 2020, two whole years, and an entirely new season has passed. I will say that I was a little dispondent this year when the series went out because of course when I agreed to a little cameo on the show it was the COVID year, and so I didn’t get a live audience for my semi-final. But as the saying goes; ‘what is for us shall not pass us’. I’m just thrilled to have real live audiences back in real life.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own. 

Q: Myra, why should I book a ticket for A Problem Shared?

A: Because you are not well, dear heart. And I can make it all better.


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