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Show:                Tom DeTrinis: I Hate New York
Venue                Assembly Rooms
Time:                6:20pm 
Dates:               4th – 27th August (except 17th)
Show:                Lottie Platchett Took a Hatchet
Time:                8:35pm 
Dates:               4th – 27th August (except 17th)
Photographer:        Patrick Maus


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, I Hate New York.

Well, it is definitely an introduction for the audience into who I am –  what made me, me; what excites me; why the heck I am just so damn angry all the time; etc. There are some crazy characters and a lot of family storytelling in there. I have a HUGE family, so a lot to tell.


Forgive my ignorance. I’ve always thought that New York was a great place to be gay. Admittedly I’ve never been, and I do live in Edinburgh – which is 3,257 miles away. How gay friendly is the city?

NYC is VERRRRRY gay friendly. Well…for the most part. You go outside of the city to Long Island and to upstate NY and it doesn’t get AS friendly. But running around as a homo in NYC  can be pretty great. There is always something to do or to see. But some of the queers in NY really think their shit don’t stink…and that is where I start to get real pissed…


As well as being a comedian, you’re an accomplished actor, writer, and director. Which comes first and why?



You share a lot of yourself on stage. You deal with some situations, including family events, that are very personal to you. How easy is it to share real life events with a room full of strangers? Have others that feature in I Hate New York seen the show?

When I last did the show as a test in Los Angeles, my parents came to the show. Twice. And I am talking about them and their siblings and my siblings and my cousins, and I share a LOT of my sexual exploits as a younger human… Sharing that in front of them, I thought, would be the hardest thing to do. I was all, CAN I DO THIS??? I didn’t sleep well for a while thinking about that. BUT! Turns out I did, and I can, and it was TOTALLY OK. We talked a lot about it after the show, and they were not upset in the slightest. Moral of the story is, BRING ON THE STRANGERS BABYYYY! Nothing is gonna stop me now!


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Why do you hate cheese so much, Tom?

Because it tastes like dead feet, and there is nothing you can do to change my mind!



Tom DeTrinis: I Hate New York

Lottie Platchett Took a Hatchet

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