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Addy studied clowning and physical theatre at LAMDA and with brilliant timing and an array of voices and characters he has risen to the top of the live comedy circuit. He’s back again at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a brand new show.

“It is fifty minutes of very funny stand-up comedy, with occasional outbursts of harmonica. You can join me – for free – as I endeavour to investigate the incongruities of life and language, such as the true definition of ‘for free’.”

Why did you choose to perform as part of PBH Free Fringe?

“Because I did it last year and had a wonderful, relaxed experience performing at a venue run by comedy fans. And because PBH has a marvellously enigmatic smile.”

To someone who hasn’t seen you, how would you describe your style of comedy?

“Unique and very funny; physical and verbal – a kind of mime with words, so to speak. My material is clever, silly, cheeky, surreal, not surreal, theatrical, character driven and performed in three dimensions.”

What was your best experience on stage?

“Coming off stage at the Comedy Store in London to find Chris Rock waiting to go on – looking a bit worried that he had to follow me, sort of. He said I had some great material. What does he know?”

If you were curating a stand up show for television, who would be your guests?

“Reggie Watts, Dr Brown, Bill Burr, Louis CK, Carl Donnelly, Seann Walsh, Miranda Hart…and I’d give Chris Rock another chance.”

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