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Title of Show:      With All Jew Respect
Venue:              theSpace on the Mile
Time:               14.55 pm
Dates:              5th – 7th August 
Photographer:       Wainwright & Matheson Photography
Links:              Profile and Social Media


Hi Henry. Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, With All Jew Respect.

Being a Jewish (Scouse) Stand-Up Comedian makes me Jewrotic (Jewish and Neurotic) with a Scouse edge. The show is about me growing up with an 88 Year old Jewish mother, who now has no filter! The family don’t help but I try to show Jew Respect. Growing up, mid life crisis and getting old are only part of the show.

Topics I can choose from are my embarrassing moment on losing my virginity (not the event!); a romantic weekend with a twist; being married and the menopause (my wife’s not mine). I discuss how I suffer from being Jewish! Of course, no Jewish show would be complete without references to operations and the suffering we go through.


Has your mother seen you perform? What does she think about you talking about her on stage?

My mother came to watch me a few years ago at  a solo show in Liverpool. I got heckled by her!!! I was talking about an incident when as a child with my sisters, we were told that it was 6pm instead of 5pm (she would point to the altered clock in lounge). This is so we would have to go to bed. We never saw night time, even in the winter. I was 18 before I realized there was a 6pm news programme. As I was talking to the audience she shouted out “Hey, don’t tell them that.” She has since been to a few shows and loves it, especially as I have written a book (With All Jewish Respect believe it or not) and she is in it. She is so proud.

Liverpool has a great tradition of music and comedy. As a Liverpudlian yourself, why do you think that is?

Being a Scouser we have a unique look on life. We find humour in everything we do as we don’t take ourselves seriously. Music is in our veins, nothing better than belting out a song especially a Beatles number.


Tell me about your charity, Laugh for Life Comedy.

In August 2020 my best friend’s son, Oliver just 21, attempted suicide. He unfortunately passed away in July 2021 in hospital, never recovering from the attempt.

Oliver had connections with mental health organization Young Minds so I joined up with them to continue the support.  In 2022 I also became an Ambassador for mental health charity JAMIUK.

My aims through the charity Laugh for Life Comedy is to raise awareness and funds. My website includes help lines, advice, supportive blogs and links to my podcast relating to mental health.

As mentioned, I have written a book (Via Amazon) ‘With All Jew Respect’ – about Jewish Stand -up comedians their history and quotes from them and some of my material, and more.  All profits are going to the charities as well which has so far raised over £2,000.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

Why would you not come to my show? There is only one answer…I WILL come and support you and the charities. So book your place 😊


Tickets:            With All Jew Respect



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