Bex Turner - On The Mic

Title of Show: Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka
Venue:         Laughing Horse @ City Cafe - Nineties
Time:          11.55am
Dates:         20th– 28th August
Photographer:  Alexander Voodoo 2019
Links:         Profile and Social Media


Tell me about your 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

The earliest idea revolved around the fact that I was tired of seeing the usual solo show stereotypes of having a serious message halfway through or rambling about how ‘relatable’ I am. The narrative developed slowly during the main lockdowns, I started to connect with my neurodiverse side more and so I began to create a show which was a chaotic coming to terms with my weirdness. In the end I have a comedy show full of fun meaty layers made up of stand-up and characters.


Within your shows, you perform a variety of different comedic styles, “a little bit of everything”. Do you enjoy keeping the audience on their toes?

I do, particularly in the past 7 months, as I’ve got more comfortable interacting with audiences through practising my M.C’ing skills. I find it fascinating how much comedic timing plays into surprising an audience. I enjoy that journey, and I like how it allows you to mess with people’s preconceptions of what they think a comedy show should be.


What is your current favourite impression?

My favourite impression is of Su Pollard. The one that needs more recognition is my impression of Patricia Routledge and my weakest one is Joe Lycett. I am obsessed with accents and dialects!


Tell me about CLOGG.

CLOGG is a monthly comedy lineup show that I setup in 2019. I get surreal comedians to perform and let them do their thing. I have a few ground rules for myself as M.C and promoter: all acts get 10-15 mins and even though I don’t have headliners I try to have a female act closing. During the first lockdown I did a podcast mini-series called ‘CLOGGCast’ where I interviewed quirkier acts like Katie Pritchard and Dave Bibby (from Lead Pencil). I’m tempted to restart it in the Autumn.


Finally, ask and answer a question of your own.

What’s your favourite cheese?


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