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Exploring humour in sincerity, whilst explaining how to lick a pussy dry, Fraser Ross has his finger on the pulse and a tongue in his cheek. A bit of a ratbag, and a goof ball wordsmith, his folk songs get the fun in ya, pretty deep. This Edinburgh Festival Fringe, you can discover Another Name for Thesaurus.

“It’s a fella with a guitar cracking a few jokes in between some amusing songs.”

To someone who hasn’t seen you, how would you describe your style of comedy?

“Dry, with a fair amount of animal mimicry.”

Are you a musician or a comedian first? Did you ever want to be a serious folk musician?

“Definitely a musician – a song-writer more specifically. I’ve been doing it for nearly ten years now so I’ve amassed some humorous songs and I can’t help trying to get a laugh on stage.

“I wanted to bill the show as Comedy because I think a comedy audience is inclined to listen to narratives and words. And the show functions around the lyrics and banter just as much as the music.”

What was your best experience on stage?

“I was playing a gig last year, and Bill Murray came in. He was getting into it pretty vocally so I got him up on stage, and we ended up having a good two or three hour jam. Pretty much every song he requested I knew so I felt like quite a good jukebox. It was my lucky day.

“He was a really fun guy, and I got tips up the wazoo that night. He disappeared when I asked him to sing More Than This from the movie Lost in Translation – I don’t think he could remember it.”

If you were curating a music and comedy show for television, who would be your guests?

“Dave Chapelle, Russel Brand, Steven Wright, Joanna Newsome, Daniel Johnston, Conor Obersk, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Cate Le Bon, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Millican, Micky Flanagan, Anthony Jesselnik, Ryan Adams. Holy shit, I’m excited.”


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