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Everything that has happened to us shapes who we are today… does free will even exist? Who knows? Sara Pascoe is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Sara Pascoe vs History.

“My new show is an examination of the evolutionary and emotional history of relationships. Pair bonding and baby making and jealousy and things like that. I also solve Page Three and talk a lot about myself, it is pretty excellent.”

Do you prefer TV acting or performing live?

“I am greedy and want to do everything, film all day and on stage at night. And then everyone should come back to my house and watch me sleep.”

Is comedy a career or a calling?

“I suppose that depends on who you ask, for me, it was an accident that became meaningful. Other people made a much more conscious choice. I didn’t even like watching comedy until I’d been doing it for a while. I thought it was very frivolous when there was so much sadness in the world, now I am passionate that it is the antidote!”

You are a vegan. What made you make that choice?

“No funny answers here I’m afraid, I read about dairy farming, and about how cows were attached to milking machines their entire lives and pumped full of hormones that keep them lactating and that they are usually dead by 18 months old. And I read about how ‘free-range’ is not a legally enforced term so many eggs that claim to be humanely farmed are still from caged hens and I felt sick about it. And so I cut out milk and eggs and felt so much healthier in myself that staying Vegan has been really easy.”

If you were curating a stand up show for television, who would be your guests?

“Bridget Christie, Josie Long, Claudia O’Doherty, Celia Paquola, Roisin Conaty and Felicity Ward. And James Acaster.”

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